If you’re like many first time home buyers, you might be thinking about how to tackle making your house a home while also thinking about the potential resale value. You’ve probably heard the (good) advice to think carefully about making expensive additions that may not appeal to the majority of home buyers (looking at you, quirky bathroom tiles and fixtures).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the house with your own sense of style. After all, the house is meant to be lived in, and to bring joy to your everyday life. Here, we offer ideas that are resale friendly and/or easy to change when it comes time to sell.

Wall paint

Yes, it sounds obvious, but so often we forget the impact that a little color can have on the vibe for entire rooms. A bright, colorful wall can pull together design elements of removable items like furniture, window dressings and rugs with minimal labor and product costs. And of course, the walls can easily be repainted when it comes time to sell. Just keep in mind that textures or wallpaper might be seen as a potential headache for potential buyers, so think carefully before you go that route.

Make the yard an extension of your style

Not everyone has a green thumb (or the budget to hire a garden crew to regularly maintain a complex yard), but that shouldn’t stop you from personalizing the green space around your home. Even homes with minimal yards can benefit from strategically placed shrubs, plants, or trees. The best way to find out what works best for you and your house is to visit a local garden store and find out which plants perform well in your particular climate. Experts there can also tell you which plants are likely to thrive with little or no help from you. You can always add small touches like outdoor furniture, birdhouses or garden art to complete the look.

Update the hardware

Even if you can’t afford (or don’t need) a full bathroom or kitchen remodel, it might be worth investing in new hardware for these rooms. Though modern faucets can get pricey (hands-free technology, anyone?), putting your personal touch on faucets and showerheads can actually improve your quality of life, particularly if you’re replacing decades-old versions. Try to keep practicality in mind along with aesthetics, and if you want to go one step further, replace the hardware on cabinets to match the snazzy new look. The great thing about hardware is that it’s a relatively simple swap for new owners that don’t share the same style.

Regardless of what’s hot in the interior design world, our mortgages are always in style. Wondering what we can do for you? Give us a call today.

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