Given the stakes, selling your home and buying a new one is traditionally a cautious and deliberative process. Preparing your home for sale and choosing the right realtor takes time. Finding the neighborhood and schools that fit your needs is too important to rush.  

But what happens when time becomes a luxury you can’t afford? Occasionally life’s circumstances – whether it’s because of career, health, or otherwise – puts your move on the fast track. The good news: a quick timeline doesn’t have to cost a fortune or result in regret.

Get Packing

It may seem obvious, but your first step should be to start packing. Since you’ll be putting your current home on the market soon, focus on decluttering. Go ahead and box up those personal photos, out-of-season clothes and any rarely used items. This will give you a head start on both staging and moving.

It’s also best to reach out to an experienced lender, like Open Mortgage, early on in your transition. An early prequalification and proactive approach to your financing can help avoid delays.

DIY Savings

Like most endeavors, there’s money to be saved if you’re willing to exert a little personal energy. Depending on the distance of your move, you could find substantial savings in how you get your belongings from point A to point B.  

While a full service moving company is certainly convenient, it won’t come cheap. Instead, consider renting a moving truck and hiring help to load and unload it. You’ll get the benefit of additional muscle while saving on the transportation.

Additionally, the desire for a quick home sale might mean pricing the home more aggressively to attract buyers. If you’re not a first-time seller, consider finding a real estate broker that offers flat-rate services for less than the standard commission. It may require being more involved, but can offset a lower list price.

Embrace Technology

When it comes to finding your new home, advances in technology can be a fantastic time-saver. A bit of internet research can reveal everything from traffic patterns to neighborhood reviews to house-by-house images of potential streets. Connect with a savvy realtor who can live stream home tours to narrow down your choices remotely.

Consider prioritizing completed, new construction or recently-constructed homes from sellers who have already moved out. Not only will they be eager to get a deal done, but you’ll also be less likely to run into a serious obstacle during the inspection phase.

If time is of the essence for your next move, visit for more information today. Our loan originators are ready to help you put your destination within reach.

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