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As most of us have found, most of the usual challenges still exist in the new normal created by the Coronavirus pandemic. For some, that means the reality of an upcoming move is quickly approaching. 

Before you begin what was already a dreaded undertaking, be sure you’re prepared for the additional complications that now come with transitioning to a new home. These tips can help create the safest possible move for you, your family, and anyone else lending a hand.   

Plan Ahead

Don’t procrastinate. Now, more than ever, you must begin planning for your move early. If you’re using professional movers, you’ll want plenty of time to research how they have adjusted their services for the current situation and pick the one with the best approach. If relying on friends and family, the safest bet is to make sure everyone involved has time to self-isolate or be tested in advance. 

Having your packing done well ahead of moving day is also critical. To protect anyone who will be handling your belongings, make sure they are allowed to sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours. Though the CDC states that, “Transmission of coronavirus occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets than through objects and surfaces,” it also notes that “current evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials.”

Caution over Convenience

While it may be frustrating, your community’s circumstances may warrant erring on the side of caution. While paying for professional movers is more expensive, it could protect loved ones who would otherwise be willing to help. Similarly, buying new boxes is likely safer than seeking out gently used ones from businesses or other individuals. 

For the most protection, packing and unpacking are best done yourself rather than having many hands touching your belongings. As mentioned earlier, allowing your items to sit at least 24 hours before using or unpacking could be beneficial. In any case, taking the extra step of disinfecting furniture and other items will provide added peace of mind. Also, try to resist the urge to immediately go shopping for non-essential or decorative items. Have patience and turn to online retailers if possible. 

Protect Yourself

Be sure you’re not taking chances with your health. Wear a mask whenever you’re in close contact or indoor spaces with others. If you fall into one of the most vulnerable categories, try to stay outside the home while movers work or ask a lower-risk friend or family member to oversee the move on your behalf. 

No one has ever claimed moving is fun, and the pandemic has only added to the pain, but it can still be accomplished. It starts with following your area’s safety guidelines as closely as possible and putting safety at the top of the to-do list. 

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