Whether you’re selling a home or buying one to call your own, knowing what’s on-trend in interior design can keep houses from looking dated and offer a fresh makeover, without the cost of structural design changes. Your home should always reflect your personal taste, but some design elements are more affordable (and less permanent), which could benefit you in the long run. Take a look at the following trends to see what’s set to make your house look good in 2019.

Rich jewel tones leave the kitchen and enter the living spaces.

Though neutral tones offer the safest option for a wide variety of tastes, designers are excited about the jewel tone accents sprucing up spaces in client homes in unexpected ways. Elle Decor notes that colors like “bold indigo, hunter and emerald green, and dark teal,” are making their way into rooms all over the house in the form of rugs, paint, fabric and pillows. In addition to bolder colors, Domino notes that pairing these with “rich fabrics” like velvet and leather will add to the fun.

What’s old is new again—sort of.

All signs point to the end of the era of clean-line minimalism and spaces designed to represent one style or era. Instead, designers are mixing up rooms with a variety of eclectic pieces. that one Apartment Therapy designer calls “contemporary pieces mixed with plenty of vintage, or modern design choices layered with Hollywood regency influences.” Elle Decor calls it “Boho Vibe with a Twist.”

Relax, get cozy, and feel one with the environment.

One trend interior designers agree on is the noticeable tendency for people to see their home as a refuge, meaning they want it to look and feel comforting. But unlike the minimalist Nordic styles that brought us hygge, Americans are making a switch from stark or dark grey neutrals—which can come across as cold—to neutrals that feel warmer and more natural. One way to outfit your home with these colors? Elle Decor suggests investing in eco-friendly, handmade design elements like “jute, rice paper, and clay.”

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    Relaxing and cozy interior design is definitely a trend. Awesome blog by the way. Keep sharing!

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