Whether you’re putting a house on the market soon or just want your yard to look great in the fall and winter, there are lots of good options for introducing new plant life this time of year. The key is to introduce texture and color to keep the yard looking healthy and vibrant, even on days when the sky is gray and the rest of the neighborhood is looking dull. Below, we offer some suggestions to help spruce up your curb appeal during the coldest months.
Make your plants portable
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Don’t limit your front yard to flower beds and grass. One easy way to make the yard season-appropriate is to showcase plants in a variety of containers. This makes it easy to switch plants between seasons without redesigning an entire garden, and it shields plants from frost if necessary, as they can be transported inside on the coldest days. While simple containers sold at gardening centers are just fine, think outside the (window) box for real wow factors: wheelbarrows, whisky barrels and salvaged antique items make great focal points.
Don’t just eat your vegetables: grow them.
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Hardy gourds and thick-skinned squash add interesting color and texture to gardens, porches and walkways. Though they’re often seen around Halloween and Thanksgiving, many varieties can survive well into the winter. Depending on the variety, they’re a great way to get some winter nutrition, especially if sauteed with winter alliums like onions, shallots and garlic. And, they’ll pair wonderfully with winter herbs like sage, thyme, and oregano.
Let there be light(s).
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We’re not talking about festive holiday lights (though those are great too). The idea is to make sure the lighting in the front yard makes the house look warm and inviting, rather than dark and dreary. Lights along footpaths impart a nice glow, whether you invest in stake lights or opt for the electric candle effect. If you have tall trees, strategically placed lanterns feel transportive. The best part about making lights a central focus of your landscape? No green thumb required.
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