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Open Mortgage, a multi-channel mortgage lender dedicated to empowering the dream of homeownership, is proud to launch the new “10 In 20” brand campaign, celebrating its growth and commitment to serve 10,000 families in its 20th anniversary year.

The 10 In 20 campaign celebrates Open Mortgage’s record-setting goal to serve 10,000 families as they secure their dreams of homeownership over the next year, which is the organization’s 20th year in business. Founded in January 2003, Open Mortgage will commemorate its 20th year by celebrating the families and communities positively impacted by homeownership through the 10 In 20 campaign, which will include a mix of social media, digital content, and employee celebrations.

Open Mortgage loan officers, operations staff, corporate support teams, friends, and family are encouraged to take part in the 10 In 20 campaign:

  • Share a photo, video, or story on social media about the families Open has served in the dream of homeownership.
  • Like, comment or share Open’s 10 In 20 social media posts — or use the same content on your own feed and write a personalized caption.
  • Use the hashtag #10in20 on your social media content about Open Mortgage and our goal to serve 10,000 families.
  • Set a goal with your Open Mortgage friends and teammates to document how your efforts are helping serve 10,000 families in 2022 — and then share the results.
  • Invite borrowers, realtors, title companies, friends, and family to join the 10 In 20 celebration.

Open Mortgage’s 10 In 20 campaign kicks off its 2022 growth initiative. The company is aggressively adding new markets to its footprint and welcoming successful, high-producing loan officers to its existing branches. Open’s rapid growth is powered by a unique value proposition that empowers local branches to serve their communities in an entrepreneurial spirit by surrounding them with operational excellence, marketing and technology resources, and a culture of caring teammates who are committed to Open’s motto: Where Better is Possible.

With economic forecasts calling for a significant increase in home purchases this year, Open Mortgage’s nearly 20-year focus on the purchase mortgage market positions the company to open more branches, welcome more loan officers, and serve more families than ever before.

To learn more about Open Mortgage, browse our website and follow us on social media:

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