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Open Mortgage, a national multi-channel mortgage lender dedicated to empowering the dream of homeownership, has donated $50,000 to The Dream Come True Foundation and is supporting one-year’s living expense programs for five “Dream Achievers” and their families as part of its sponsorship of the organization’s annual gala. Additionally, Open Mortgage’s founder and CEO, Scott Gordon, and COO and Vice President of Marketing, Tana Gordon, have individually donated to the foundation. The program offers participants tuition support, essential living expenses, and other financial assistance needed to break out of the poverty cycle and achieve professional success and economic freedom.

“The incredible work accomplished by The Dream Come True Foundation is evident in their ability to transform the lives of individuals and families in poverty and start their paths as accomplished members of the workforce,” said Tana Gordon, COO and Vice President of Marketing at Open Mortgage. “The organization’s progress in empowering financial independence and success for their program participants mirrors the values that Open Mortgage stands for and we hope our support will further their mission and growth.”

Through programs that provide education, mentoring, financial assistance, workforce development, and community partnerships, The Dream Come True Foundation offers high-potential individuals and families the skills and resources they need to transition from poverty to prosperity. With their support, more than 90% of “Dream Achievers” graduate and join the workforce, earning a middle-income wage in less than two years. Modeled to accomplish this with an average cost of less than $20,000 per participant, the program is designed with the intent to prevent members from falling back into the cycle of poverty and helps them become financially self-sufficient to become homeowners, pay taxes, and have 401(k)s.

The Dream Come True Foundation hosted their 12th annual “Dreams Come True Express” Fall 2021 Gala on Sept. 9, 2021. Intended to raise awareness and garner support for the organization’s mission, the virtual ceremony featured program sponsorship opportunities and a silent auction benefiting the foundation. For more information, visit

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