Making simple changes to your home delivery preferences, as well as investing in a few cool gadgets, can stop package prowlers and balcony bandits from ruining your holidays. Here are some ways to stay on top of your online deliveries and protect them from theft.

Electronic Updates

Nearly every online purchase comes with a tracking number. Log into the USPS, UPS, and FedEx websites and use your tracking number to request a text message or email updates. You will know, in close to real-time, when your items are delivered to your doorstep.

Carrier Pickup

USPS, UPS and FedEx can also hold your items for pickup instead of leaving them at your door. Log into the appropriate carrier website and update your “delivery preferences” for packages with a tracking number. The carrier then notifies you when your item has arrived and is ready for pickup. Amazon Prime similarly offers Amazon Locker delivery, which places your package in a nearby locker, often in a local Whole Foods. You can then pick up your gifts on the way home from work or as you check off recipe items from your holiday shopping list.


When packages loiter on your lawn for days, it signals to thieves that nobody is home. If you plan to go away for the holidays, consider asking the USPS to hold your mail. Otherwise, ask your neighbors for help. Always be sure to keep in mind the weight of your packages, making sure that neighbors don’t get injured while doing you a favor.

Doorbell Cameras

Now, onto the gadgets! These are popular and easy-to-install, home security devices. They are motion-activated and will record anyone who approaches your door. That includes thieves and surly delivery workers who might mistreat your holiday gifts. 

Amazon Keys does it all, including mobile app-controlled door locks. This feature allows Amazon carriers to access your home, through the front door or the garage, to leave your Prime deliveries inside.

Lockboxes and bags

Offering Amazon access to your home might sound more frightening than someone snatching a box from off your lawn. In that case, consider purchasing a lockbox. These devices remain outside your door but provide extra security and peace of mind. 

Final thoughts

The holiday season is a busy time, packages get delayed and sometimes lost even when theft is not involved. To stay ahead of the game, be sure to order your items early. That way, if there’s any trouble, you still have time to execute a backup plan.

Open Mortgage wishes you, and your packages, a safe and Happy Holidays. We are, of course, always available to discuss your home-financing needs.

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