For many in retirement, making the most of life after a career includes crossing long-coveted travel plans off their bucket list. If that sounds enticing, but you haven’t quite gotten your itineraries together, we’ve put together a few suggestions to help put some new adventures in 2019 calendar.

The Freedom To Explore

Clearly, one of the biggest advantages of retirement is the exponential increase in free time. With the responsibilities of a job to plan around, there’s no need to limit your vacations to just one or two weeks. In fact, planning a much longer excursion, sometimes called slow travel, can actually save you money in the long run.

Rather than trying to cram as many sights and experiences as possible in a small window of time, a slower-paced approach can reduce the stress and exhaustion that comes with a jam-packed trip. Spreading multiple cities, sites and events in a region across a longer trip can save on air travel or result in long-term discounts on lodging. It may also provide an opportunity to open your own home up to other travelers while you’re gone, to offset the costs.

Cruising Conveniences

For a vacation that makes efficiency and simplicity the priority, it’s hard to top a cruise ship. You can see some of the world’s top destinations via a floating hotel, with dining, entertainment and relaxation close at hand the entire time, and likely included in the cost of your travel package. Summer Alaskan cruises offer incredible natural sights, while Caribbean cruises can be a great way to escape the doldrums of winter.

Unique Destinations

Tourist destinations can sometimes be synonymous with crowds. When seclusion is the goal, consider doing a bit of research to find the hidden gems that offer similar amenities, without the disadvantages of popularity.

A little effort can reveal that Finger Lakes, New York gives Napa Valley a run for its money with wine lovers. Similarly, the culture and history of Cusco, Peru, combined with nearby Machu Picchu, creates an inviting alternative for travelers interested in ancient civilizations and an immersive look at the past, who might typically have Athens, Greece near the top of their list. As a bonus, there’s scientific evidence that time spent planning a vacation increases your enjoyment of it.

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