For those of us that need our space but still want to keep the environment in mind, there’s good news: Moving into a tiny home isn’t your only option. With sustainable building materials and several loan options suited to renovations, now is a great time to add value and sustainability to your home.

Say Hello to Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Anyone who’s watched HGTV knows that adding square footage adds value. Today, because of advancements in eco-friendly building materials, you can make that dream a reality and be mindful of your carbon footprint.

The key is seeking out a sustainability-conscious construction company that can spearhead your addition. For example, Austin, Texas-based Bautex specializes in breakthrough building materials to provide walls with 350% more insulation than typically required. The result is a structure that can cost two-thirds less to heat and cool, along with substantially-reduced external noise and protection against rot, mold, and mildew.

But what about cost? Bautex’s president, Paul Brown, wants to correct the misconception that building better equates to a higher cost point. Brown says, “While this may have been the case 10-15 years ago, today vastly superior homes can be built at a competitive price for a given market with the correct selection of materials.” To illustrate the difference, Brown describes the cost difference between wood framing and using the Bautex Block for a 3200-square-foot home as less than the price of a high-end light fixture.

And Yes, There’s a Mortgage For That

We offer mortgages that cater specifically to renovations in the form of our Rehab and VA loans. And, while the added cost of going green with your remodel or renovation may be minimal, you are likely to benefit when financing the project thanks to a government-backed energy efficient mortgage (EEM) program that could allow a larger debt-to-income ratio in anticipation of the added value to your home.

For a better understanding of how a renovation loan, or other mortgage product, can help you reach your energy efficiency goals, and add value to your home, contact an Open Mortgage originator or visit today.

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