There is nothing quite like traveling across the country in an RV. For many seniors, the activity has long been on their “bucket list,” as there is never a better time to explore all that the United States – and possibly even Canada, Mexico, or wherever the road takes you.
But living life on the road can be expensive, especially if you also own a home. It helps to have a little bit of extra income, which is why many seniors, including those that have retired, seek out some part time or seasonal work to help pay for gas and other purchases.
Types of Jobs Best Suited for Retired RV Travelers
Even in today’s tight economy, there are many great jobs that are suited for seniors looking only for seasonal work. If you are looking for some short term labor that won’t hurt your future travel, consider the following occupations:
Uber/Lyft Driver – Although not available in every state, Uber and Lyft are a great choice for temporary and seasonal work. Whenever you take your break from RV travel, you can stay behind the wheel and earn some extra money taxiing others around on the hours that work best for you.
National Park Work – Many national parks offer seasonal work to those that are able to pass their government background checks. Some of the work can be a bit physically demanding, but there are often seasonal jobs available for seniors that look out for them – and they may give you an opportunity to keep spending time outdoors as well.
IRS Jobs – The IRS employs many seasonal workers at locations all over the country. This most often occurs during tax season, but since tax season also tends to be cooler, it represents a good time of year for seniors to take a break from the road and make some extra cash instead.
Golf Related Work – Many golf courses hire seniors for seasonal work, although this is more common during the warmer months. For those seniors that already love spending time on golf courses, asking your local links if they have any seasonal positions available may be a great way to get some part time financing.
Ski Resorts – Similarly, retirees that want to earn some extra money during the winter months so that they can travel more during summer may want to consider ski resorts. Most ski resorts need part time staff, and while not every city has a ski resort available, it never hurts to see if there is one in your area.
Traveling across the country in your own RV is a great way to make life exciting. But, if you’re like most seniors, you still need a bit of extra cash to help pay for the adventure. In addition to a seasonal job, consider a reverse mortgage as well.
With a reverse mortgage, your home equity can help offset some of the costs of living, thus giving you extra money and fewer financial responsibilities so that that you can live life on the road. For more information about reverse mortgages, please contact our loan originators today.

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