When it comes to homes, insulation matters! And according to recent research, 90% of US homes are under-insulated.
If you’re one of the many Americans living in an under-insulated home, here are six reasons to consider adding insulation:
It helps keep your home comfortable
If your home feels uncomfortably cold during winter or hot during the summer, your home likely lacks proper insulation and has air leaks.
You’ll save significant money on energy bills
By sealing air leaks and upgrading insulation in the attic and basement (the two most accessible areas to add insulation), you can reduce heating and cooling costs by 30% or more.
It reduces moisture and mold, which benefits health
Moisture and mold can cause health problems and damage in your house. Because of insulation’s air sealing properties, moisture is less likely to enter your home, which reduces the risk of mold.
It eventually pays for itself
The cost to upgrade attic and basement insulation in an average home house typically costs $6,000 or less. Upgrading your insulation pays for itself in a matter of years.
It’s a one-time improvement that doesn’t require maintenance
New insulation will last for the life of your house, and it won’t wear out or require maintenance. If the proper insulation is installed in the right way, it will perform as well in 50 years as it does today!
It can reduce noise
Noise from outside and inside the home can be reduced with insulation. Whether it’s an office, home theater room, or nursery, insulating the walls can keep outside sounds from flowing in.
Insulation pays off in many ways
There are many ways you can upgrade your home, but few are more beneficial than adding insulation. Most homes need additional insulation, and the cost savings of adding insulation can eventually pay for its initial cost.
For more information on home insulation, visit the Federal Government’s ENERGY STAR website.

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