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Kitchens, master bedrooms, and outdoor spaces tend to get most of the attention from home buyers, but the biggest areas aren’t always the most important when it comes to finding the right layout. Sometimes it’s the smaller, often overlooked, parts of a home that can have the most impact on functionality. 

Before you make an offer on your next home or try to sell the one you have, make sure the outsized influence of these small spaces is getting the attention they deserve. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling with a home that doesn’t accommodate your daily routine or missing an opportunity to highlight one of your house’s most attractive features.

Don’t Let the Mundane Become Miserable

Few people enjoy laundry, but for those who already dread it, a cramped laundry room or having to trek out to the garage to face the task won’t help. Convenient access to a spacious laundry room can be the difference between a house that works for you and one that just creates more work. Buyers should consider its proximity to the home’s bedrooms and whether it offers space for folding and hanging clothes. Regardless of size and location, sellers should be sure to find organization and storage solutions that maximize the space. 

Similarly, the details of a home such as its kitchen pantry, hall closets and entryways are often part of our most common interactions with a home. Pay particular attention to how these areas will work with your family’s habits and preferences if you’re buying. If you’re selling, showcasing their functionality is likely worth the effort in homes on the market.  

Room to Work

Whether it’s running your own business, taking advantage of an opportunity to work for your employer from home, or just personal bookkeeping and bill paying, most homeowners will appreciate having a dedicated workspace. If turning an entire room into office space is not an option, consider where you might free up space for a small work area. 

Creative solutions in this arena are plentiful; a guest room might be large enough to serve dual purposes, a massive master suite might fit a corner desk, and an open concept floor plan could offer just enough space for a minimal writing desk.

The Half-Bath

Although they lack full-room status, the convenience of a half bath should not be dismissed. A well-situated half-bath can be a significant improvement to an otherwise standard floor plan. Large households or homeowners who like to entertain can attest to the benefit of having the additional option in a crowded house. 

Even in situations where it doesn’t get daily use, you’ll appreciate having a clean, uncluttered space awaiting visitors rather than a high-traffic bathroom they would otherwise need to visit. Having one near the home’s most highly used common areas can also add to its usefulness. 

The importance of the details doesn’t end with your home search. Partnering with a lender who pays attention to the small things also pays off. Visit OpenMortgage.com today to learn all about our offerings and begin a conversation with our home-financing professionals.

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