Want to bring your A-game to Hallow’s Eve this year? Here are a few easy ways to make a hair-raising impression after sundown.
Mood Lighting
Changing the bulbs around the exterior of your home is perhaps the easiest (and least expensive) method of transitioning your house from welcoming to creepy. Switch the porch lights to purple-tinted bulbs to give your home a greyish, eerie appearance and your porch will be primed for a jack-o-lantern or two come Halloween.
Other easy lighting modifications guaranteed to bring the spook factor up a notch are strobe lights you can find at party supply stores. Hide them in between flower pots and bushes for the full effect.
Foggy Focus
Put out a cauldron (an extra large Dutch oven or stockpot will work) and fill it with dry ice from your local grocer or ice cream shop. Placing it near your front steps or on a small table on your front porch will ensure a wicked first impression to visitors. You can fill your unlit, carved pumpkins with dry ice if you’re eager to spread haunted fog across the entire porch.
Pinterest-Worthy Porch
Really want to make your porch guests do a double take? Try the floating witch hat. It only takes a handful of supplies like fishing line, safety pins, battery-powered tea lights, a long needle, adhesive and the witch hats themselves. We found a great DIY tutorial with instructions if you’re ready to get that porch all Pinterest-y.
Creeping out the neighborhood kids is just one of the charms of owning a home. To help finance that dream home with the perfect porch for Halloween decor, contact us today at 512-492-3300. 

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