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COVID-19 has caused many homeowners to shy away from trying to sell their homes. With consumer confidence falling, it’s become incredibly important to make a great first impression and connect with potential buyers. If you’re hoping to sell your home sooner rather than later, here are a few ways to make you and your home stand out from the pack.

Find a Tech-Friendly Realtor 

Finding a real estate agent that understands technology is especially crucial if you aren’t comfortable with technology yourself. Be prepared to offer potential buyers video tours, high-quality photography, and 360-degree photographic views of rooms. Depending on where you live, this might be the only way buyers can view your home. If a realtor is trying to convince you to pursue traditional open houses, you might be working with the wrong person. 

Try Not to Scare Buyers Away 

Whether you’re using professional photographers or an iPhone, you want to make your home appear inviting. Remove clutter. Buyers could keep clicking if they see disorganized closets or paint cans on the floor. Give your home a fresh and clean appearance so buyers can envision how they would live in the space—you might even consider hiring professional cleaners.

Don’t Leave the Heavy Lifting to the New Homeowners

If a buyer senses the need for updates is inevitable, they might scroll on. Broken windows, peeling paint and cracks in the wall look bad, but plumbing and roofing concerns are tough to overcome. Show buyers that you’re committed to their comfort by fixing issues before listing. You might even consider bigger jobs as well— a kitchen refresh, for example, if yours is outdated. 

Don’t Ignore the Exterior of the Home

Even if you’re only giving digital tours of your home, curb appeal remains an important feature. This is the first thing people see when visiting the homeowners, which means buyers will want to know how the property has been maintained since you took those beautiful photos. Consider touching up the exterior paint, adding some plants and improving the landscaping, as well as finding attractive solutions for storing waste and recycling bins.

Quick Photography Tips

Once your home is clean, take a look at the lighting. If your photos are coming out dark and dull, you might bring in extra light to help your photos pop. Be sure to capture plenty of images of the kitchen, living room and the master bedroom. Lastly, little things, like setting the table when you photograph the dining room, are as important as making the bed when you shoot bedrooms.

The full impact of the pandemic is far from being known, meaning it could be wiser to list now than wait it out. Selling might even be critical in helping you make mortgage or rent payments on your new home. If this is the case, don’t take shortcuts—do whatever you can to leave a lasting, positive impression on potential buyers. 

We at Open Mortgage are always here to discuss home-financing options— whether you’re looking for help in purchasing your next home or have an interested buyer who needs help in finding a lender. Visiting today is a great way to learn more about our services and to start talking with home-financing professionals.

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