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Are you getting the most out of your garage? Or has it become an overcrowded store-all of the items you want to get out of sight and out of mind?

If your garage is home to everything but your vehicle, the New Year is the perfect time to reclaim the space and put the function back into this multi-function section of your house. 

Sort and Scrap

Once you’ve accepted that the situation in your garage has gotten out of hand, the first step will be to figure out what exactly is in it, and whether it should be there at all. However, an effective effort might need to begin by examining all of the storage options in your home with the same enthusiasm, to ensure maximum reorganization flexibility. 

Choose a time when you will have more than one day to complete the job, and when inclement weather won’t interfere. Start by identifying things that you can donate or throw out. Although it can sometimes be hard to let go, ridding yourself of items that have not been used in years, or are damaged, is an easy threshold to begin the process. 

Once you’ve purged all you can bring yourself to purge, begin grouping the remaining stuff into categories such as recreational, seasonal decorations, tools, etc. If one of your goals is making room for vehicles, now is also a good time to mark out the space you’ll need to accomplish that. 

Outstanding Organization

With your property culled and sorted, you can begin determining a permanent home for everything. Shelving, cabinetry, and modular storage are excellent ways to maximize available space. Think carefully about which areas offer the most convenient access, and utilize them for your most commonly used items if possible.

Attic decking can offer an additional storage alternative for those things that don’t require frequent or easy access. For large, oddly-shaped belongings like bicycles and garden tools, don’t forget to consider specifically designed storage solutions such as wall-mounted hooks or freestanding racks. Fragile property or items prone to damage from weather conditions should be moved to interior storage space.

Interesting Investments

An overwhelming amount of stuff, even after ditching some of it, may warrant investing in an off-site storage unit or on-site storage shed. The breathing room and utility they create could be well worth the cost.

Additionally, if your home is located in a neighborhood where living space is valued considerably more than garage parking, emptying it may present another attractive opportunity. Converting the garage into additional square footage, another bedroom, or an expanded master suite, for example, could result in a significant increase in your home’s value and a substantial return on the renovation costs. Lending options, such as the 203(k) renovation loan, can be an excellent avenue to getting the job done. 

Happy New Year from Open Mortgage! Find out how we can help make the most of your home, or transition to a new one, on our website. Or call today to speak with one of our experienced specialists.

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