‘Tis the season of countless package deliveries, late-night holiday parties and family travels. While these all add cheer to our winter plans, they can also put our homes and belongings at risk.  

In addition to taking some common sense steps to protect against bad actors [link to previous post], advances in technology have made it possible to monitor a property in real-time, from almost anywhere, and avoid a December disaster.

Remote Reassurance

One of the fastest-growing security trends is the smart doorbell. These feature-rich devices offer the peace of mind of knowing, hearing and even seeing every time someone approaches your front door. Starting at around $100, they can ease worries about packages delivered when you’re not at home or be a welcome upgrade for those who prefer not to open the door to strangers.  

Similar technology is also making its way to other home features. The forgetful among us will appreciate wireless technology that can connect your home’s garage door opener, door locks, and even the light bulbs to a mobile phone. Any doubts about properly securing the property can be checked immediately and corrected with just a few taps of the screen.

Automation Advantages

Beyond providing long-distance control over important aspects of your home, the technology in these products often provides automation options as well.

Leaving a light on while you’re away from home is a simple trick to discourage would-be burglars. But new Wi-Fi enabled light bulbs can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, or on-demand, taking the strategy to a more convincing level.

And, while a smart doorbell will notify you that your package has arrived, it can’t bring it inside for you. A smart lock, however, can let you unlock the door for a trusted neighbor, or create a passcode that can be shared with someone and disabled later. No need to hide a key under a potted plant, waiting for the wrong person to find it.

Tried And True

Leading-security systems can be expensive, especially when combined in a comprehensive package as many of today’s security companies offer. Choosing just the components best suited to your lifestyle can lower the cost, but don’t overlook the previous generation of affordable, proven home-protection technologies.

Motion-activated lighting installed around your home’s exterior will make it a much less attractive option for anyone hoping to avoid attention. And, if a smart lock or smart garage door seems excessive, adding a keypad opener for the garage can be done for less than $30 and provide some of the same access advantages.

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