The way we find our dream home has shifted dramatically over the last decade, and it’s not hard to see why: technology’s influence in real estate has completely changed the game. Long gone are the days of scouring newspaper ads or simply relying on a referral from a friend. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 44 percent of buyers looked online first for properties in 2018; we’ve got a few tips to make sure you’re one of the savvy searchers in the group

Digital Home Shopping: What to Look For

Visual assets are huge when it comes to online house shopping, and it’s great that we can virtually “visit” a home without spending time and gas on a fit that’s just not right. But to get the most out of your search, go beyond what a home looks like and whether it’s in your price range.

Apps and websites can also give you information about school districts, property values, and comparable listings, in addition to a real estate agent’s background and experience. You can fine-tune a search with apps that distinguish locations and neighborhoods, such as, Trulia, or Homesnap.


But You’ll Still Want to Connect with a Real Estate Agent In Person

Though today’s buyers are more educated in their needs and wants when it comes to purchasing, a real estate agent still serves as a necessary and valuable guide through a complex process. That’s probably why NAR reported buyers worked with an agent 87 percent of the time to find their home in 2018.


A knowledgeable agent can speak to neighborhood ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts,’ and a seasoned professional can likely hone in on your wants and needs better than the currently available online algorithms. Once you’ve found a home you really like, you’ll want an advocate in your corner to negotiate with the seller and fill you in on next steps. The good news is that once an agreement is made, much of the process (even signing dotted lines!) is automated, so the process is faster and more streamlined.

For a lender that can keep up with the fast pace of today’s real estate market, visit or call and speak with one of our specialists today.

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