This year Open Mortgage celebrates 15 years in business, and a big part of that milestone is the people behind it. We are honored to introduce you to various members of our work family in this special series. Today’s post recognizes Alex Pinzon, a branch manager and loan originator located in Downey, California, who’s worked with Open Mortgage for five years.
What are you most proud of about your work at Open Mortgage?
I believe in the company and the work we do.
What surprised you the most about working at Open Mortgage?
The professionalism.
Describe a positive moment with a co-worker you’ll never forget.
Adrienne Terry assigned me a new underwriter and I am in love with her. She makes my life possible.
Give an example of a time or project you felt you grew in your career.
I have been in this business for 30 years, and prior to Open Mortgage, I always worked for brokers. I won’t ever regret the move I made in 2012, when I became more independent. Though learning the specialized system was hard at first, I eventually realized this is what I had been looking for.
Describe a time you knew your work impacted a real family member or customer.
Recently, I helped a family to purchase their first home. They did not have any money saved, and they had debts. They also hadn’t reported taxes correctly. It took us a year to get the loan package ready, but when we got the property and submitted the loan, it was approved and the family was able to buy a home. They are very happy now.
What do you like most about working at a company like Open Mortgage?
My team, because they are always there to help me.
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