This year Open Mortgage celebrates 15 years in business, and a big part of that milestone is the people behind it. We are honored to introduce you to various members of our work family in this special series. Today, we’re introducing Bryan Dexter, a Loan Originator who’s worked with us for seven years.
What are you most proud of about your work at Open Mortgage?
Helping people and going the extra mile to get the job done.
What surprised you the most about working at Open Mortgage
For the most part, everyone is on the same page.
Describe a positive moment with a co-worker you’ll never forget.
There’s not just one positive moment, but several. For me, those include helping others or others helping me to get something done.
Give an example of a time or project you felt you grew in your career.
There’s not just one moment. I learn something each day and year, especially as we have adapted to several industry changes.
Describe a time you knew your work impacted a real family member or customer.
An ongoing part of helping customers means being an outside of the box thinker, rather than just turning someone down. It’s about getting a ‘no’ to a ‘yes.’
What do you like most about working at a company like Open Mortgage?
The people. The underwriters, processors, and closers are here to help, and that’s not always the case. Upper management has hired good people that know what their job is and why they are there to do it. Most everyone knows why things need to get done in a timely manner. I’ve been at several companies and they are not all aligned with being on the same page. There’s a very good culture at Open Mortgage. It’s one of the best places I have ever worked.
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