This year Open Mortgage celebrates 15 years in business, and a big part of that milestone is the people behind it. We are honored to introduce you to various members of our work family in this special series. Today’s post recognizes Jake Droge, a branch manager and reverse mortgage professional located in Iowa, who’s worked with Open Mortgage for two years.
What are you most proud of about your work at Open Mortgage?
The ability to help clients and provide for my family and community.
What surprised you the most about working at Open Mortgage?
The independence of running a branch while still having support from the corporate office. If I need assistance with anything corporate is there. My motto is: “We are one team.” This isn’t something I had seen in past jobs.
Describe a positive moment with a co-worker you’ll never forget.
I have had many positive moments working with Mickie Raquet, a trainer, as she truly works as a team. One moment that stands out to me was a conference call with Mickie and Operations Manager, Sharon Langley. The client had a few credit challenges, and we were able to work as one team to find a solution. I felt both Sharon and Mickie were doing what they could to make this deal happen.
Describe a time you knew your work impacted a real family member or customer.
I recently received a call from a client who lost his spouse November 30. We had done the loan a few years ago, and he mentioned that his wife—who was originally hesitant about the reverse mortgage—retired on November 30th because the reverse mortgage was helping them with cash-flow. Unfortunately, she passed away the same day, but my client doesn’t have the concerns of making a mortgage payment.
What do you like most about working at a company like Open Mortgage?
I feel confident that the company is trying to do what is best for the company, employees and the clients.
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