July is National Grilling Month, and with good reason: long after the 4th of July festivities are over, the lure of Summer Fridays and the promise of pool parties means the backyard is a continuous opportunity for celebration. For homeowners looking to upgrade their backyard space for this purpose, we’ve created a guide to outdoor upgrades. Just keep in mind that outdoor kitchens will not be factored into the appraisal value of a home, so consider your motivations. If you truly find joy in cooking and spending time outdoors, it will be an investment in your own lifestyle and enjoyment.
Host #1: The Party Planner
Everyone knows to expect an elaborately put together party when you host, complete with thought out themes, menus, decor and even costumes on occasion. You like to shape the narrative, which means flow and serving areas are important aids in directing guests to the right spaces at the right times.
Suggested backyard additions:

  • Outdoor bar (wet bar with a fridge if you decide to get fancy)
  • Shade sails for sunny days
  • String lights for areas dedicated to late night dancing and nightcapsHost

#2: The Grilling Guru
For you, cooking is an art form, and grilling is a throwback to mankind’s primal urge to sustain family and friends. When you host, the greatest satisfaction is seeing the joy that your food brings to people as they happily munch away. And if you’re being honest, having people over is really just an excuse to man the grill and try out the latest marinade experiment.
Suggested backyard additions:

  • A grill capable of keeping up with with large scale demand and frequent use, and even an outdoor pizza oven if you want to spread your culinary wings
  • A decent speaker system to create good vibes since your attention will be on the food rather than guests
  • Plenty of tables and chairs so that the only thing guests worry about is digging in

Host #3: The Humble Host
You love having guests over because bringing people together is your favorite thing. You care more about conversation than putting on a show, so you prefer to keep it casual, which means planning tends to be last-minute, and the number of people that show up can vary from a few close friends to a full-on block party. Your no-fuss, no-muss motto means that while you’ll provide some snacks and beverages, guests are encouraged to contribute food and drinks potluck-style.
Suggested backyard additions:

  • Fire pit for impromptu s’mores and late night storytelling
  • Plenty of easy to access ice chests to keep drinks cold
  • A pool for pooches so everyone can bring their dogs to mingle and play
  • Easily stored folding chairs to bring out when unexpected guests arrive

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