Whether you’re a long-term homeowner or ready to buy your first home, you’re likely aware of rising energy costs. America’s lowest-income families currently spend around p22% of their total income on energy while electricity prices have risen by 30% over the last decade. This has caused many Americans to consider alternative methods of powering their home.

While there are a range of ways to power your home using alternative energies, solar power is often used by Americans living in areas with high levels of sunshine. If you’re living in a sunny area and interested in solar power, you’re in luck!

Here are three easy ways to incorporate Solar Power into your home:

Install a photovoltaic (PV) system

If you’re ready to commit to solar, you can use photovoltaic (PV) panels. PV panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity that’s distributed to your home’s electrical system. A well-engineered PV system on a roof with good sunlight exposure can provide a large portion of your electricity.

Small PV systems can be especially effective in locations where it is expensive or impossible to send electricity through conventional power lines. For more information on PV systems, visit the Department of Energy website.

Design your home with solar power in mind

If you’re building a home (or plan to in the future), you can utilize the sun’s energy through passive solar home design. Passive solar home design takes advantage of a building’s location, climate, and materials to minimize energy use.

Examples of passive solar home design include doors, windows, walls, and floors that absorb and release the sun’s warmth in cold weather. You can also incorporate engineered roofing and canopies that shade windows from direct sunlight during the summer (and allow it in during winter). Contact an experienced passive solar home designer in your area for more information on this method.

Buy Solar Power From a Utility Company

The quickest and easiest method to use solar power is buying it from a local utility company. Contact your current utility provider to see if they offer any “green pricing program” which lets you purchase all or part of your electricity from solar energy.

There are easy ways to incorporate solar energy into your home

Solar power is quickly becoming one of the cheapest forms of energy. But take your time researching options as there are many different ways to power your home using the sun. For more information on practical solar ideas for your home, visit the Department of Energy website.

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