Summer officially begins on June 20, and thermometers are on the rise. Some parts of the country have already experienced triple-digit temperatures. This makes cooling down in a pool an appealing thought for many people. But what about buying a home that comes with a pool?

A home with a pool is something you should think carefully about, as it can have pros and cons based on your location, lifestyle, family situation, and finances.

Pro: You’ll have a great house for entertainment

Enjoy having guests over for swimming and cookouts? This can be easy when you have a pool! You’ll have endless opportunities for backyard events, which can be great for building and maintaining relationships.

Con: You’ll have added monthly costs

When you buy a home with a pool, in addition to your monthly mortgage payment, you’ll have monthly costs for insurance liabilities and pool maintenance. These costs will depend on the state you live in, your type of pool, and the type of insurance required.

A basic homeowners insurance policy usually covers a pool structure without requiring a separate rider, but it’s also recommended to increase your liability from the standard amount. It usually costs around $30 a year to bump coverage from $100,000 to $500,000. Many home underwriters also require you to fence in the pool so children can’t wander in unsupervised.

Because some of these costs are long-term, think carefully about how much you really want a pool and how often you’ll use it. If you have a pool that you don’t use often, it can eventually become an expensive nuisance. If you or your family enjoy swimming and use the pool often, these extra costs can be worth it.

Pro: Swimming is outstanding exercise

Often described as the perfect exercise, swimming has powerful benefits for physical and mental health. Children usually love swimming and having your own pool can bring you added convenience for years to come.

Pro / Con: It can make your house easier or harder to sell, depending on your location

When it comes to selling your home, having a pool can make a big impact, though it won’t necessarily raise your future home-selling price.

If you live in a northern state that gets shorter and cooler summers (such as Massachusetts or Minnesota), a pool can make your home more difficult to sell. If you live in a more southern state with long and hot summers, a pool can greatly increase buyer demand for your home.

Con: Pool repairs are expensive

As with any part of your home, faults can occur, and pool repairs are a fact of life. Common pool repairs include motors and filters (which often cost $150 to $700 to fix), as well as structural problems and heater repairs (fixing these can exceed $1,000).

Think carefully when buying a home that comes with a pool

For many individuals and families, pools are an outstanding home feature that is used and appreciated for many years. For others, a pool can become an afterthought that ends up becoming an annoying (and expensive) cost.

Because of this variability, think carefully about buying a home with a swimming pool and analyze your long-term financial goals. To help get a better understanding of costs associated with pool ownership, visit the Home Advisor website.

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