Over the past few years, more and more homeowners are investing in environmentally friendly home renovations. Not only are these upgrades good for the environment – they also have the potential to improve the value of your property and increase your home’s equity, while possibly decreasing energy consumption costs as well.
For homeowners that are interested in making eco-friendly changes to their property, consider the following renovation ideas from our team here at Open Mortgage.
Examples of Eco Friendly Home Upgrades

  • Solar Installations – One of the most common home upgrades is the installation of solar panels. The cost of installing solar panels has decreased, and the effectiveness of the panels has improved, giving homeowners a simple and effective way to create renewable energy that powers their home while reducing energy costs.
  • Renew Your Windows – Older windows and single pane windows often cause heat leaks, which in turn leads to greater energy consumption. Double and triple pane windows help save considerable energy, which in turn reduces your energy use while adding to the look of your home.
  • Install Radiant Heat Flooring – Another unique and effective eco friendly renovation involves radiant heat flooring. Radiant heat flooring acts as a replacement for your heating system, placing hot water tubes beneath the floor that radiate heat throughout the home. They are also invisible, quiet, and will not spew dust across your property.
  • Use Eco Friendly Material – It’s not always the installation itself, but what you decide to install. Those that are looking to renovate their home should consider long lasting, recycled materials that require little maintenance, as well as reclaimed wood and salvaged building materials. All of these decrease your footprint without affecting the vision you have for your property.
  • Xeriscaping – Not all remodeling needs to take place inside of your home. Xeriscaping, also known as drought resistant landscaping, involves creating an attractive outdoor landscape out of eco-friendly, non-living and low-water native materials. The result is a landscape that looks amazing, but requires little to no water or maintenance.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Upgrade to Your Property
Whether you built equity into your home, or you recently purchased a new home and are looking for ways to make your home greener and more eco-friendly, these environmentally minded upgrades can improve your home’s appearance, boost its value – all with less impact on the planet.
If you need to discuss a loan that can help you cover these purchases, please call our loan originators today.

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