The pride of home ownership often includes keeping up your property’s curb appeal. The stars and stripes might be the perfect finishing touch, but did you know there are special guidelines for displaying and handling a U.S. flag? We’re here to guide you through it so you’re ready to go by Veteran’s Day, which falls on Saturday, November 11 of this year, but will be observed Friday, November 10.
Location, Location, Location
When preparing to put the flag on display, be sure you have an appropriate place for it. This will likely require mounting a staff or holder from the front of your home. It’s important that this is done securely and doesn’t put the flag at risk of falling to the ground. Also, take care to give it space to wave freely, without interference from landscaping or other surroundings.
If you plan to display any other flags or pennants alongside the Stars and Stripes, keep the U.S. flag highest. If they are all at an even height, the American flag should be to the right of the other flags.
The Importance Of ‘When’
Now that you have the placement figured out, you’ll have to make some decisions about when to display your flag. Most flags are flown everyday, but if not, the U.S. Flag code specifies days when it’s especially important. If you choose a year-round approach, an all-weather flag is ideal. Otherwise you’ll need to take it down during inclement weather.
Lighting the flag means the flag can be displayed after sunset. Flag code dictates that it otherwise be flown from sunrise to sunset.
Handling Half-Staff & Damaged Flags
Flying the U.S. flag at half-staff is one of the traditions our country uses to honor the passing of government officials and mourn national tragedies. However, many of the flags and flagpoles intended for residential use are not capable of this. Adding a black ribbon to the top of the flag is considered an appropriate alternative.  
Once its colors have faded or the fabric is too worn, your flag should be replaced. When that time comes, burning is the preferred method of disposal. If you aren’t comfortable taking on the task yourself, contact the local American Legion Post or Scout (Boy or Girl) Troop to see if they will retire it for you. Then you can get back to maintaining the best looking house on the block.
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