Home ownership is not just a monetary investment. It takes funds, usually a mortgage (we can help with that) as well as time and energy, but owning a home is also a mental and emotional investment that can pay off in positive, sometimes unexpected ways.
Our homes are extensions of our personalities and lives. They evolve as we do, changing with the seasons of life, reflecting where we are in that moment in time. It’s a safe harbor in times of uncertainty, and a place of celebration as we acknowledge life’s biggest victories.
A home is a tangible asset with intangible benefits that can add real meaning to your life.
Part of that “I’m at home” feeling comes with the familiarity of your environment. It may not come immediately, but as you set up the living room, fluff the comforter on the bed and discover all the special quirks inside your home, it grows with each day.
It’s the weird curve of the driveway that you somehow learn to maneuver without effort, the tiny crack in the one tile in the master bathroom or the way you could find your way from the bedroom to the kitchen in pitch black. It’s familiar and comforting, and the monthly payments are stable and predictable.
Owning a home means more responsibility in all aspects of the home, including the community in which you reside. With that responsibility comes a sense of place, of being truly invested in a neighborhood, of being a part of something larger than yourself.
Maybe it means you’re an active member of the homeowner’s association, making improvements through civic action and involvement, but perhaps it’s just keeping an eye out for your neighbors. No matter how much or little effort you put into the community aspect, owning a home does extend past the boundaries of your driveway, in the best possible way.
So much of our lives is out of control. The stock market, the germs your kids bring home from school, the weather, your parents’ reaction to your life decisions — and conversely, your kids’ life decisions.
But when you own a home, the buck stops with you. That means you make all the important decisions, and ultimately, you’re in control. And while there are times that it might not be the fun part of home ownership, it’s often the most rewarding. If you’re willing to put blood, sweat and — yes — sometimes tears into your home and the decisions surrounding it, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded with a feeling of pride and contentment that you just won’t find in a rental.
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