If you’re a homeowner (or planning on becoming one), you can incorporate fantastic technology into your home at budget prices to create a “smart home.” Whether you want to adjust your lighting using your voice or control your home thermostat using your phone (while not at home), there are options galore.
Here are some affordable suggestions:
Get a smart hub
Smart hubs are the “brains” of a smart home system. They provide a range of features and functionality to control your home thermostat, lighting, music, and more using your voice and phone. Amazon and Google both offer smart hubs for under $200 which are incredibly powerful and provide regular updates.
Upgrade your lighting
Changing your lighting can instantly enhance any home, whether it’s for reading a book, cooking, or promoting ambience during a party. You can purchase lighting systems (controlled by your smartphone), energy-efficient lights,  and LED lights (great when entertaining) for budget prices at Home Depot.  
Automate your home climate control
Smart thermostats let you automate and control your home’s climate control system. This helps you lower your power bill and improve your comfort (such as automatically turning your heat on 15 minutes before you wake up). Smart thermostats can integrate into your smart hub and many cost under $250. CNET reviewed some of their favorites.
Protect your home with a smart security system
Your home is your biggest investment, and you can help protect it by installing a smart security system. These systems connect to your Wi-Fi and let you monitor and control your security devices with your smartphone.

You can also add motion and window sensors to build a full-home security system that includes door locks, lights, and sirens all controlled through an app. PC Magazine reviewed their favorite smart security systems, and most of them cost under $350.
Upgrading your home with technology is easy and affordable
We’re living in a time where powerful new technologies are increasingly affordable, and you can easily incorporate them into your home. Whether you want better lighting, automated climate control, or improved security, the technology is available, affordable and simple to install.  

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