Although owning a home can be a great monetary investment and long term financial tool, one of the greatest perks is that you can truly make your house a home. The sentimental value of the joy shared in your home over the years as your family grows and changes is different when you have a sense of ownership; when you own your home, the only restrictions are your budget and imagination. Here are just a few ways to make memories in your home:
A Season For All Things
Planting trees and perennial blooms guarantees annual enjoyment during the changing of the seasons. Whether cutting Chrysanthemums for a fall wreath or flower arrangement or taking first day of school pictures each year by the oak tree, your landscaping is often the backdrop for family memories.
Celebrating holidays in your home is another way to make seasonal memories. Traditions like carving a jack-o-lantern for the front porch, decorating the Christmas tree together or searching for Easter eggs in the yard are some of the fondest holiday activities for homeowners.
Growing Together
A tradition in many households, marking children’s height on a door frame is a literal measurement of the years spent in your home. Perhaps your children are young now, but one day when they are grown and you’re an empty nester, you’ll look back on the fond memories of your knee-high toddler learning to walk step by wobbly step; you’ll remember the year in middle school when your child hit their first growth spurt and grew six inches in just a year.
Leave Your Mark
Because you own your home and have the right to modify it how and when you see fit, you have an opportunity to add personalized character to your property. This might look like handprints in the freshly poured concrete of a new driveway or a memorial for the beloved family pet who passed away. Small details like this hold immense sentimental value for many homeowners and help create lasting family memories in your home.
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