Jul 30 2020
Older couple
Reverse mortgages have recently started to become a proactive part of a comprehensive retirement plan. They can be particularly effective for homeowners whose wealth is primarily in home equity. Watch this video if you are a new retiree who doesn’t need money now but wants the security that comes with knowing it’s available during economic […]
Jul 28 2020
As more mortgage products have become available, the standard 20% down payment is rarely required by lenders. If you’re saving up for your dream home, watch this video. Our CEO and founder, Scott Gordon, discusses some low down payment options.. Some of the topics he covers: Honestly assessing your financial ability to determine down payments […]
Jul 23 2020
Mortgage interest rates reached record lows last month, giving many homeowners a substantial reason to pursue refinancing. However, if the current rates aren’t enough to persuade you, or other factors are holding you back, staying prepared to refinance is still a smart strategy.  Most experts agree that a dramatic rise in interest rates is unlikely […]
Jul 21 2020
moving box with picture of a truck on the side
As most of us have found, most of the usual challenges still exist in the new normal created by the Coronavirus pandemic. For some, that means the reality of an upcoming move is quickly approaching.  Before you begin what was already a dreaded undertaking, be sure you’re prepared for the additional complications that now come […]
Jul 16 2020
house with a fore sale sign in front

While low-interest rates and limited inventory have given sellers a decided advantage in many real estate markets, there are always exceptions. Besides, you can’t predict when unexpected circumstances might create a sudden shift in the balance of power between buyers and sellers.  Regardless of the reason, selling in a buyer’s market doesn’t have to be […]

Jul 14 2020
interracial couple shaking hands with realtor

Record-low mortgage interest rates and a decline in homes for sale as homeowners continue to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have combined to create a strong seller’s market in many parts of the country. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 42% of homeowners who purchased during the pandemic faced a bidding […]

Jul 9 2020
Preparations for retirement often focus primarily on savings accounts, investment portfolios and pension plans. However, one of the overlooked pieces in the planning puzzle is the retiree’s home.  In addition to being a significant element of many homeowners’ wealth, and a potential source of funds via a reverse mortgage, the ability to fulfill its primary […]
Jul 7 2020
The summer months are the perfect time to make sure your home offers a trouble-free respite from the heat. Thanks to the continued emphasis on avoiding crowds and the added safety of being outdoors, more homeowners are looking for ways to increase the comfort of their properties, inside and out. The bright skies and warm […]
Jul 2 2020
An economic downturn can result in a unique opportunity for homebuyers willing to take a calculated risk. The number of foreclosed homes available on the market can grow when financial struggles are common, but investors are often ready to capitalize.  However, shoppers looking for a place of their own can also take advantage if they […]