May 2 2017

If you’re planning your retirement or are already retired, the state you live in matters. Because individual states have different tax laws, varying affordability levels, and a range of  benefits (and drawbacks) for retirees — where you retire will have a dramatic impact on your life. Wallethub recently ranked the top five states to retire… Continue Reading Study: the Five Best States to Retire

May 1 2017

If you’re planning on buying a home, there’s a vast range of online resources available at your fingertips. Contrast today’s virtually endless resources with 25 years ago — homebuying research was mainly limited to home listings in newspapers, books / magazines (which needed to be purchased or checked out from libraries), brochures, and word-of-mouth. With… Continue Reading Five Essential Online Resources for Homebuyers

Apr 27 2017

It’s easy to feel like home buying may not be possible based on your income. Homes are expensive, and it’s not uncommon to hear horror stories about how difficult it is to qualify for a loan, how often borrowers took out loans that were more than they can handle, and more. What you may not… Continue Reading Low Income Mortgage Loans: You Can Afford More Than You Think

Apr 26 2017

In most cases, mortgage loan originators look into your past, present, and likely future to determine if you qualify for a home mortgage. They look at your payment history, your credit score (which takes years to develop), your income for the year, and more. Many of these factors are difficult to change by the time… Continue Reading Five Fast Strategies to Qualify for a Higher Loan Amount

Apr 25 2017

Mortgage rates are on the rise, and that means if you have been putting off a refinance, it may be time to hurry. The longer you wait, the more likely the interest rates will increase – at least in today’s economy – and that reduces the value of refinancing in the future. Refinancing is not… Continue Reading Tips to Fix Your Credit Before Refinancing

Apr 24 2017

If you’re a single parent looking for a home loan, it can seem challenging to find one that suits your needs. Although mortgage lenders generally don’t look at marital status when reviewing home loan applications, they do look at the following: Debt and payment obligations Total household income Net income after taxes, credit scores, and… Continue Reading Mortgage Tips for Single Parents

Apr 20 2017

If you’re starting the homebuying process, it’s normal to feel confused by the different loan types.   One of the best ways to address your concerns is learning as much as possible. After watching our new five minute video, you’ll know about the major home loans, including down payment information, and which loan could be… Continue Reading Video: Learn About the Different Home Loans

Apr 19 2017

Over the past several years the economy has improved. The stock market recently reached an all time high, investments have risen, and the unemployment rate has dropped. Now that the economy has improved, interest rates are starting a slow climb to pre-2008 levels. Recently, the Federal Reserve increased the interest rates by a quarter of… Continue Reading What the Fed Rate Hike Means for Your Mortgage Rates

Apr 18 2017

If you recently bought your first home (or are planning on it), you have much to look forward to. It’s also important to protect your property. New homeowners are especially vulnerable to  security risks as you’re likely new to your neighborhood and just beginning to understand your home. Here are six ways for new homeowners… Continue Reading Six Home Security Tips for First-time Homebuyers

Apr 13 2017

If you or a family member are considering a reverse mortgage, it’s important to research them beforehand. Websites such as the Federal Trade Commission provide excellent and credible information on reverse mortgages, and are a great place to start your research. This blog has also provided information on specific situations where a reverse mortgage could… Continue Reading Learning About Reverse Mortgages? Read these Articles!