Mar 6 2017

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll be aware of your monthly mortgage payment and interest rate. And you might have wondered about refinancing your mortgage to change these figures. Refinancing lets you replace your current mortgage with a new one. Two of the most common mortgage refinance methods are rate-and-term, and cash-out. What’s the difference between… Continue Reading Mortgage Refinancing: Cash-Out vs. Rate-and-Term

Mar 2 2017

Whether you’re a long-term homeowner or ready to buy your first home, you’re likely aware rising energy costs. America’s lowest-income families currently spend around 22% of their total income on energy while electricity prices have risen by 30% over the last decade. This has caused many Americans to consider alternative methods of powering their home.… Continue Reading Three Easy Ways to Incorporate Solar Power into Your Home

Mar 1 2017

Reverse mortgages are a unique type of loan that has quickly become popular with senior homeowners. With a reverse mortgage, a homeowner may receive a sizeable percentage of their home equity (wealth) and continue to live in their home for the rest of their life provided they pay their property taxes, insurance and HOA dues.… Continue Reading Why Do Reverse Mortgage Restrictions and Requirements Exist?

Feb 28 2017

There is no greater investment than owning a home. That’s why many people decide that one home isn’t enough. They find that, given their financial situation, they are interested in purchasing a second home, and using that home for any number of purposes, including: Vacation Home Investment Property/Rental Home for Family Members For those who… Continue Reading Second Home Loans: How to Qualify and What You Need to Know

Feb 27 2017

If you’re a homeowner or planning on becoming one, it’s normal to want to upgrade your home. While there are many exciting home upgrade methods, such as improving your kitchen or adding a swimming pool, one of the best is improving your home’s energy efficiency. Fortunately, improving your home energy efficiency doesn’t have to break… Continue Reading Five Powerful Home Energy Improvements and their Costs

Feb 23 2017

If you are buying a home, you’ll often hear the phrase “closing costs” thrown around by your lender or real estate agent. The term itself refers to all fees that are paid to third parties during the process of buying or selling a home. Some closing costs are paid by the seller, but most closing… Continue Reading How Much Are Closing Costs When Purchasing a Home?

Feb 21 2017

  Your credit score. Your down payment. Your closing costs. You may already know about the many different considerations and factors that go into owning a home. But you may not know about one of the most important terms of all: Loan-to-Value ratio, or LTV. What is LTV? The LTV plays a critical role in… Continue Reading LTV – What it Is, Why It’s Important

Feb 21 2017

If you’re thinking about buying a home (or regularly read our blog), you may have heard that interest rates are rising. Rising interest rates have powerful effects on the mortgage industry and individual homebuyers. While many of these effects are seen as negative (such as buyers having higher mortgage payments), there are also positive aspects… Continue Reading Five Ways that Rising Interest Rates Can Be Positive

Feb 20 2017

Today (February 20, 2017) is Presidents’ Day. Presidents’ Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February, and was originally established in 1885 to recognize President George Washington, the first United States president.   Within the federal government, the holiday is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday,” but the holiday became popularly known as Presidents’ Day… Continue Reading Birthplace Homes of Past Presidents

Feb 16 2017

Your state’s cost of living matters, whether you want to build a home, are a first time homebuyer, or plan to raise a family. If a low cost of living is what you’re after, here are America’s five most affordable states in 2017. TennesseeThe Volunteer State is most known for its country music, Elvis, and… Continue Reading America’s Most Affordable States in 2017